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RIS-View (Reservoir Integrated System Viewer) 

Quick yet Flexible File Viewer

RIS-View is Windows® based software that provides a very quick and simple way to view digital files. The product is fully 32-bit compliant for Windows Vista/7/8/10 (or any associated server versions, including 64-bit editions). The following file formats are supported:

  • LAS
  • LBS
  • LIS (many flavors)
  • ASCII (many flavors)

One of the primary strengths of RIS-View is the ease of use; it allows the user to quickly see the digital data she is working with. The presentation can be done using one of several plot templates provided with the product, or the user can modify one of these to meet specific needs. There is also the feature that allows the user to develop as many plot templates to her specifications as needed. New plots are created through the use of Wizards which guide the user through the creation in an effortless manner.

Another strength of RIS-View is there is no limit to the number of tracks or curves used on a template. These tracks can also be annotated with formation top information where desired. Tadpole plots can be included on the same presentation as desired.  The user may also create forms to present information as either a header or trailer to the log. Customization is made easy through several options that allow placement and sizing of multiple forms on a template. (See enclosed sample output)

Key Benefits

  • Fast and flexible presentation of log data
  • Easily links to other packages for automation
  • Runs under all modern versions of Microsoft® Windows™

How is it used?

Many users of RIS-View are employing the software to verify the data they have purchased is applicable, correct and what they needed to get the project done. The versatility of RIS-View allows them to quickly open the application and import a file. With the ability to modify or produce templates that are designed to their needs it is an easy and effortless way to verify their data.

The product has the ability to be automated so it will link to other applications. One of the main reasons a user would want to do this is to do accurate "check" logs when digitizing data. This automation capability also allows users to have RIS-View run in the background of another application and perform the log function upon menu command.

The users of RIS-View have found that the ability to use unlimited numbers of tracks, curves, color fills, and curve states gives them flexibility in verifying their data. This combined with RIS-View's ability to export EMF images gives the user several options to present hard copy data. The product will directly output to any Windows-supported printer or plotter and will print in either black and white or full color. Through the use of EMF images, the user also has the option to include this output in Word documents for reports, PowerPoint Presentations or any other Windows based product that will import this format.

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