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Complete shaley formation log analysis, for single or multi-well studies.  Add-on modules available:
Esteem (Neural Networks) - fill in missing data, or estimate information between wells, in a stable and reproducible fashion.
Try your hand at "creating" missing data, in a completely stable and reproducible fashion.  With our LESA program as a base, you can generate any missing regions of data within a given well, or use one well as a baseline to populate similar wells in field.
Minerva (Inversion Modeling) - linear inversion with error minimization gives you another angle on petrophysical modeling.
Using an inversion matrix technique, you too can calculate the combinations of minerals in a given data set.  Combine this technique with our Esteem and deterministic approaches in LESA to give your data the best possible chance to solve your problems.
Synthetica (Synthetic Seismograms) - generate synthetic seismic traces, and compare them with 3D seismic lines.
Generate professional synthetic seismic traces, and compare them with 3D seismic lines, right inside our LESA program.  Correct the source logs the way they should be done, then generate the synthetics for tying to seismics.


Well data presentation, from wireline and mudlogs to thin-sections images and core descriptions.


Incredibly flexible yet easy to use digital log viewing and printing.


Metafile (WMF) and Enhanced Metafile (EMF) viewing and printing (Shareware).  Some raster formats are also supported (TIF, JPEG, etc.).

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